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Caspialosa caspia tanaica
Caspialosa_caspia_tanaicaFamily : Clupeidae
Genus : Caspialosa
Species : caspia tanaica
Accepted scientific name: Alosa tanaica (Grimm, 1901) (accepted name) 
Synonyms: Alosa bulgarica Drensky, 1934 (synonym)    
Alosa caspia nordmanni Antipa, 1904 (synonym)    
Alosa caspia tanaica (Grimm, 1901) (synonym)    
Alosa caspia tanaica asovi Pavlov, 1959 (ambiguous synonym)    
Alosa nordmanni Antipa, 1904 (synonym)    
Caspialosa caspia palaeostomi Sadowsky, 1934 (synonym)    
Caspialosa caspia tanaica (Grimm, 1901) (synonym)    
Caspialosa palaeostomica Sadowsky, 1934 (synonym)    
Caspialosa tanaica etemi Battalgil, 1941 (ambiguous synonym)    
Caspialosa tanaica palaeostomi Sadowsky, 1934 (synonym)    
Caspiolosa tanaica etemi Battalgil, 1941 (ambiguous synonym)    
Clupea tanaica Grimm, 1901 (synonym)  
Size / Weight / Age
Max length : 20.0 cm TL male/unsexed; (Ref. 593); max. published weight: 59.0 g (Ref. 593)
Pelagic-neritic; anadromous (Ref. 51243); freshwater; brackish; marine
Climate / Range
Temperate; 49°N - 36°N, 27°E - 54°E
Nature World Fishes
Caspialosa brashnikovi brashnikovi
aspialosa_brashnikovi_brashnikoviAccepted scientific name:
Alosa braschnikowi (Borodin, 1904) (accepted name)
Alosa braschnikowii (Borodin, 1904) (synonym)
Alosa braschnikowii agrachanica (Mikhailovsky, 1941) (synonym)
Alosa braschnikowii autumnalis (Berg, 1915) (synonym)
Alosa braschnikowii grimmi (Borodin, 1904) (synonym)
Alosa braschnikowii nirchi (Morozov, 1928) (synonym)
Alosa braschnikowii orientalis (Mikhailovsky, 1941) (synonym)
Alosa braschnikowii sarensis (Mikhailovsky, 1941) (synonym)
Alosa brashnikovi (Borodin, 1904) (synonym)
Alosa brashnikowiii kisselewitschi (Bulgakov, 1926) (synonym)
Caspialosa brashnikovi (Borodin, 1904) (synonym)
Caspialosa brashnikovi agrachanica Mikhailovsky, 1941 (synonym)
Caspialosa brashnikovi autumnalis Berg, 1915 (synonym)
Caspialosa brashnikovi derzhavini Tarasevich, 1946 (synonym)
Caspialosa brashnikovi kenderlensis Budamshin, 1938 (synonym)
Caspialosa brashnikovi orientalis Mikhailovsky, 1941 (synonym)
Caspialosa brashnikovi sarensis Mikhailovsky, 1941 (synonym)
Caspialosa caspia nigra Kisselevitz, 1923 (synonym)
Caspialosa kisselevitshi Bulgakov, 1926 (synonym)
Caspialosa nirchi Morozov, 1928 (synonym)
Clupea caspiopontica braschnikowi Borodin, 1904 (synonym)
Clupea caspiopontica grimmi Borodin, 1904 (synonym)
Clupea curensis (non Suvorov, 1907) (misapplied name)
Clupeonella leucocephala Berg, 1913 (synonym)
Size / Weight / Age
Max length : 50.0 cm SL male/unsexed; common length : 30.0 cm SL male/unsexed;
Length at first maturity
Lm ?, range 20 - ? cm
Pelagic; oceanodromous; brackish
Climate / Range
Temperate; 48°N - 35°N, 45°E - 56°E
Nature World Fishes
Caspialosa brashnikovi maeotica
Caspialosa_brashnikovi_maeoticaFamily : Clupeidae
Genus : Caspialosa
Species : brashnikovi maeotica
Accepted scientific name:
Alosa maeotica (Grimm, 1901) (accepted name)
Alosa braschnikowii maeotica (Grimm, 1901) (synonym)
Alosa brashnikovi maeotica (Grimm, 1901) (synonym)
Alosa maeotica maeotica (Grimm, 1901) (synonym)
Alosa pontica pontica (non Eichwald, 1838) (misapplied name)
Caspialosa brashnikovi maeotica (Grimm, 1901) (synonym)
Caspialosa brauneri Nikolskii, 1923 (synonym)
Caspialosa brauneri elongata Isachenko, 1925 (synonym)
Clupea maeotica Grimm, 1901 (synonym)
Size / Weight / Age
Max length : 31.0 cm SL male/unsexed; common length : 18.0 cm SL male/unsexed; max. reported age: 6 years
Length at first maturity
Lm ?, range 13 - 15 cm
Pelagic-neritic; brackish; marine
Climate / Range
Temperate; 48°N - 40°N, 27°E - 43°E
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